Machui Technical College Zanzibar

Putting Our Values to Work!

January 15, 2020

Happy 2020 from Petit World Consulting!

One of the most powerful forces in International Education is leveraging. Working with and through partners is vastly more powerful than attempting programs independently. Beginning in 1996, PWC has been supporting a technical college on the East African island of Zanzibar.

The Machui Technical College is run by a Catholic order, the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood which are primarily based in Africa. The College trains young adults for careers in the hospitality industry of the island, as well as running a community health clinic, a Montessori model pre-school and a highly productive farm which supplies many of the hotels on the island.

As educators we like to tell ourselves that we change lives, and in many cases that is true in a metaphorical way. The Sisters of Machui change lives in an immediate, literal, palpable way. Their graduates are often the first in their family with formal sector employment and their wages help pay for school fees for younger siblings, health care for their family members, a better place to live and much more.

By supporting the College over the years with a variety of projects, often in partnership with churches and groups like Rotary Internation, we ensure that the impact of our efforts live and breathe. Leveraging in this way helps dramatically expand the impact of our efforts and ensures sustainability.

PWC is proud to support the work of the College and the Sisters. A percentage of our gross revenues will be donated every year to the Machui Technical College to ensure its ongoing success of changing lives. Thanks for reading.

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