Our Vision, Values and Mission


Petit World Consulting imagines a world in which internationalization are core to the mission and identity of education institutions. Our vision is to leverage our expertise, contacts and skills to partner with schools, colleges and universities to help them identify their international ambitions and map-out a clear, measurable and results-focused strategy for achieving those goals


We believe that the fabric of our partner institutions and communities is stronger when we effectively harness the collective talents, wisdom and knowledge of the diverse communities within our orbits. We believe that diversity is an invitation to strive for transformation and realize success by making the best, highest use, of our combined strengths. We further believe that respect for others is central to creating successful, engaged communities and we seek to model that respect through our work in support of education institutions.  Students of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences are at the heart of everything we do.


Petit World Consulting strives to offer training and strategic planning services for educational institutions to develop robust and holistic International Education Plans to prepare students, faculty and staff for our globalized world.